Pop the Popcorn and Watch This!

Pop the Popcorn! Here are two movies and a show (well, technically three versions of the same show) that I watched in the past couple of weeks and I really enjoyed!

Jakoby and Ward

On May 2nd I watched Bright, a fantasy film that is set in this alternate universe where fantastical creatures live alongside humans. It seems like there was a big battle between good and evil where the Orcs all banded with the evil side so they are now discriminated against by society. Our two main characters are two members of the LAPD: Daryl Ward, a human, and Nick Jakoby, an orc. The trouble here is that Jakoby is the first ever orc who is in the police force so, when Ward is shot point blank while on duty and Jakoby lets the perpetrator go (an orc), things get a bit complicated. In addition, there’s the situation where some group is trying to bring back the Dark Lord by using some old relics. Magic is seen as highly dangerous in this society so people want to get it under control. However, of course, magic = power so everyone is after these relics. The good about it was really the premise, it was very interesting and I really wanted to know more about how the world worked (there was a shot where a centaur was part of the police force, another where a dragon is seen flying somewhere in the background, etc). So many questions!!! Not many of them answered. Bright ends up trying to be funny while having a high stakes plot and it fell a bit flat for me in that sense. Although it is super fun and entertaining, I almost wish it had been darker (ha!). All in all it was pretty good, fun for an evening or afternoon with nothing to do!

The Circle – US, France, and Brazil

I also watched The Circle on Netflix, a reality show where contestants move into an apartment and from there will be able to communicate with other contestants via a social media app called The Circle. I like these types of shows (even if they might be slightly scripted), I think this one in particular was interesting because they have The Circle France and also The Circle Brazil so I was able to see a bit of those cultures and even learn some of their online slang. (I have studied French before so it was kinda cool that I could understand some things as the show went on without having to rely on the captions as much.) My favorite thing about these shows is that it’s probably one of the shows that can be set within the pandemic and it makes sense. Like they’ve been isolated so when they all finally meet for the finale it’s okay! (I actually have no idea when this show was filmed but yeah…) It’s just a great show to escape everything.

From left to right: Bubs, Captain Jang, Kim Tae-Ho, and Tiger Park

Space Sweepers on Netflix was so so so good! This is a South Korean film released this year, 2021. It is a space opera featuring a group of characters that I absolutely loved. This is set in a futuristic world where Earth is no longer able to sustain life and where a new world is orbiting in space. Of course, not everyone is able to go up and live there, they have to be chosen to become UTS Citizens. One of the many jobs that are available in this futuristic world is that of a Space Sweeper, basically there is a bunch of junk out floating in space, which can get off orbit and hit the UTS world or one of the many stations around that world. In this movie we follow Captain Jang and her crew as they sweep space for junk to sell (and basically beat everyone else at the game). One of the things I loved most about this movie is that there is great diversity, there are people who speak different languages (Spanish, Russian, French, English, Korean, etc.) Although there are parts of the story that didn’t exactly get explained, I didn’t care very much because I just enjoyed watching the characters react to all the things that they were encountering. I highly recommend it!

And those are the things I’ve watched lately that I felt were interesting enough to share. Other things I’ve been watching are:

  • Grey’s Anatomy: Yeah, still making me cry after all these years….
  • Station 19: Along with Grey’s, in order to get the full picture. Though I gotta say that this show is starting to be better than Grey’s? O.O
  • The Masked Singer: This show is weird and I love it XD
  • This Is Us: I mean…. No words, I just love this show.

Have you seen any of the movies or shows I mentioned? What have you been watching lately?

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