The Book Buying Ban Has Ended!

This is just a quick post to say that I made it!

I made it 6 months and I only bought 1 book that was for a book club. Can you imagine? A year ago I wouldn’t have believed it possible.

It officially ended yesterday but I had a ballroom event and I was too tired to go to the bookstore to do anything. Today I will go to Barnes and Noble and will buy three books!

I have to say though, I feel like a huge weight has been slowly lifted off my shoulders. I don’t feel that compulsion to buy a book anymore. We will see once I’m at the bookstore but I honestly feel like I changed my view on grabbing all the books that interested me just a little. Was the cover pretty? Did it have a keyword that made me want to read it?

Now I think about it more than before. I set this limit of only buying three books today because I wanted to not go out and buy 50 books on one go. However, that limit has now left me free of that pressure. I have a clear intention of which books I’ll buy and that’s incredibly liberating right now.

And so, the books I will buy are:

  1. Adjustment Day by Chuck Palahniuk
  2. Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi
  3. Gemina by Amie Kauffman and Jay Kristoff

I feel excited about these books and about going into the store today, with purpose, to buy them.

Thanks for reading!

PS. I’ll be trying to post a bit more here, I have a long post that I’ve been planning for a few weeks (book annotation woo!) that should come in the next week or so.

Book Buying Ban Update & Lessons Learned

As you might know, I’ve started the year with a book buying ban, which is going okay so far. I only bought one book last month, which was for a book club I really wanted to be a part of. In this post I’ll tell you a few of the challenges I’ve found, the ways I’ve been able to resist buying books even while going into bookstores, and some unexpected thinking about my reading habits, why I read, and how this has affected my reading beliefs.

The view from the second floor of one of our favorite thrift stores

Challenge #1. Thrift stores.

My family and I love going to thrift stores, we say we are just going to browse but it really is to find things like clothes or stuffed animals or even kitchen stuff that is barely used for a great price. For me though, it’s all about the books. It’s a family outing and, when I decided on the book buying ban, I didn’t realize how it would affect these weekend activities. So, the first time this year that we went to Goodwill, one of our usual spots, I realized that it wouldn’t be as easy as I thought.

All thrift stores have at least one full bookcase full of books, and usually, my feet just go on automatic and take me to these sections. So before I knew it I was standing in front of the bookcases at Goodwill and realized the big mistake I was making! O.O… I stood there, staring at the books and simply fled to another area of the store! Of course, my mind kept me wondering… Are there new books? Was that Stephen King book I spotted last time still there? Not only that but I also realized that it was something of a ritual, I would go to the bookshelves, start from right to left and simply browse them and fix the books where needed (books were upside down, series that were separated…why do people do that?!).

I knew that I didn’t want to stay home in future trips and so I decided to go back to the bookshelves, do my little ritual, and be happy to at least visit the books. If I ended up seeing a book I really wanted I simply said “Not right now, sorry book”, and moved on. It’s not as easy as it sounds but I felt incredibly accomplished when I walked out of that store with my hands free of books (And I did buy some shoes I actually needed!).

Challenge #2. Online deals.


So I’m a member of a few book selling websites (Barnes and Noble, Half Price Books, Amazon, Kindle, etc) and of course they send me information about deals and coupons and buy two paperbacks get one free, etc. Which usually don’t grab my attention because I prefer (1000X) to go to the physical stores and buy books there. However, now I find that I actually click on the deal and browse the books online!

Again, I use the same ritual of “Not right now, sorry book” when I really can’t help myself and I click on stuff. I do avoid clicking on Amazon deals because of that handy-dandy One-click purchase button they have… XD

My sister’s book haul! (I’ll definitely read these but at the end of the year I hope)

Challenge #3. My sister.

Now, I love my sister, there’s no denying that. She loves books as well, and as she’s grown older (she’s 15 now), she’s definitely more independent with her reading and will, on occasion, buy her own books.

However, as she tells me about all these new books she bought (that I actually also want to read!) I feel that urge to go and buy books myself! I didn’t realize that my impulse to buy books was this strong! So my sister bought some books the other day and they were sitting there, brand new and unopened (except for the one she was reading). And what did I do? Well, after battling between going out the door to buy books or opening my computer to buy more books, I ended up going to my own bookcase and looking at my unread books.

Overall I think that the rush of buying a new book is the result of the need to add new stories and perspectives to my collection of books. But I’ve realized that I can go into the dangerous territory of buying books simply for the act of buying them and having them in my hands. It’s not bad to collect things, but I want my library to be meaningful to me and to whoever will look at it decades later. I realized that I don’t want to simply collect books, I want to read my books, especially those that I have had for a while and to discover why I got them in the first place.

There are so many books out there, as there are stars, but I can’t discover them all if I rush through them. I must take my time and enjoy them one at a time and realize their meaning and context in our world today.

So in many ways this Book Buying Ban has helped me realize some aspects of what I want out of my reading, it’s helped me be more thoughtful about what I read, and in some ways it’s made me read a bit more slowly. I don’t feel like I’m pressured to read fast because there are so many books out there and I want to get to them all, I simply have to read whatever I’m reading now because I want to read that book and that’s it!

Another effect of this ban has affected my Instagram profile… I don’t post as much as before, but whatever I post about is a bit more thought out. I don’t have any book hauls and I mostly post about the books I’m currently reading or am excited to read next. I’m not super concerned about this though because I realized that I enjoy the deeper conversations that might arise from these posts more than the superficial aspect of a cool photo (not saying that that isn’t also awesome, I still love taking simple and beautiful photographs, but it’s good to focus on deeper discussions as well). I still want to find a balance on the posts I make for Instagram so that’s a work in progress.

These challenges have become opportunities to learn about myself and my reading. I’ll keep running away from new books until July or until I read 50 books, whichever comes first (I’m on books 8, 9, and 10 right now). And I’ll keep enjoying each book I read to the fullest without too much pressure of all the books out there.

What do you think? How does your book buying habits affect your reading? Do you feel the pressure of “all the books out there” like I do?

Bookish Challenges of 2018

Hello everyone!

There are plenty of fun activities that the reading community has created, among my favorites are the following three that I will be participating in, some last a few days while others take place through all of 2018! Do let me know down below if you’ll be participating in any of these:

#HarpiesReadTheWorld Challenge hosted by
@bookish.harpy in Instagram:Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 20.04.44

This challenge will take place a few times throughout the year, each time with three different challenges to be read that month. For the month of January I’ll be reading the following books for this challenge:

  • A Book Written by a Native American: Tales of Burning Love by Louise Erdrich
  • A Book from a Country America is in Conflict with: The Attack by Yasmina Khadra (Author is from Algeria and the novel takes place in Tel Aviv)
  • A book from a Predominantly Muslim Country: Song of a Captive Bird by Jasmin Darznik (Author is from Iran and the novel takes place in Iran)

I’m looking forward to all the books I’ll discover through this challenge since it promotes diverse reading, I’ll post updates as each challenge is completed.

Bookopoly hosted by Broc’s Bookcase

Bookopoly Board 2018_preview

Bookopoly is a fun challenge that goes from January 1st to December 31st of 2018. The goal is go complete all the challenges around the board. Either by going in order or at random with the help of dice. There are some fun challenges along the way that will be posted throughout the year. During each monthly wrap-up I’ll post my progress for this challenge.

Booktube-A-Thon hosted by Ariel Bissett


This readathon is always great fun and it is probably one of the most popular ones around Booktube. It is hosted by the wonderful Ariel Bissett, an artist, a reader, a writer, an overall inspiring person. Booktube-A-Thon generally has 7 challenges and one can participate in Youtube and/or Instagram, these challenges are always lots of fun! I’ll post more info about it once it is announced.

Do you participate in any bookish challenges or readathons? These are the main three for me but I’m always open to new ones, especially if they are focused on diverse reading! Let me know if you know of any!

Happy reading everyone!


2018 Bookish Goals


Ah yes, it’s a new year and now we get to set new goals and challenges. Let’s do it!

Book buying ban!

I’ve never actually done one of these but since I have ~100 unread books and space for 80, I really need to read what I have and make space for new ones. This ban shall extend to July when I will revisit this idea. I will still accept gifts but even if I get a gift card, I’m not buying more books! With each monthly wrap up I’ll post an update on this ban.Read the books I have!

Read the books I have!

Obviously I will read, but sometimes I go to the library and check out books and forget a bit about the books I have at home. So, this might also be a bit like a library ban? In order to help me with this I’ve put together a TBR jar where I put all the titles of my unread books. I’ll be drawing two at a time (not specifically for a monthly TBR) and when I finish both books I’ll draw two more and so on. IMG_20171231_191041.jpg

Goodreads Challenge

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 19.33.24

I have been doing the Goodreads Challenge since 2011, back then I would read about 8 books a year because of school and dance. Last year (2017) I challenged myself to read 60 books and ended up reading 74! How things change! Now, for 2018 I’ve set the challenge at 50 books. This is because there are quite a few books I want to read that I know will take me longer to read and I want to make sure I spend the time reading them without any sort of pressure.

Bites of Books

I have so many ideas for this blog that it’s definitely one of my goals to keep it alive. I want to make posts about diverse reads, books by women, people of color, books from around the world and from all time periods. I don’t tend to read books released in the past year (unless it’s a book by an author I really love like Atwood, Rowling, Gaiman, and even then I usually wait a few months before I read them). Apart from that, the core of this blog is those “bites” which trigger different memories or stories after I read them. So they might be introspective, commenting on our society/culture, or they might be quirky, romantic, hopeful, etc. The point is that this blog should be as diverse as the books I read, and hopefully that means that it’ll include things you might never have seen before but now might want to try. My goal is to share my love for diverse reading and hope that you will want to read diversely as well. 

So there you have it, those are the bookish goals I’ve set for myself this year. What are your goals? Are you exploring some new horizons in your reading? 🙂